Kettering resident’s radio tower request to be heard on appeal (Ohio)

A public hearing will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday by city council to hear an appeal from Kettering man who wants permission to build a 50-foot radio tower in his backyard, a request that his neighbors opposed and the Board of Zoning Appeals denied in December.

Wynn Rollert, 77, had requested approval to be granted a variance on his property in the 4800 block of Mad River Road in order to install the tower. Kettering’s Zoning Code allows for amateur radio towers to be 25-feet without a variance, so that is why he wants approval for the extra 25-feet.

In December, the Board of Zoning Appeal voted 3-1 to deny the request without comment. The decision went against a report from Zoning Administrator Run Hundt, whose report to the board indicated that the request should be approved.

Hundt said that the FCC and the State of Ohio lay out what is a reasonable accommodation with the type of variance request presented by Rollert.

“Basically, what that means is that we cannot prohibit based on standards of people putting up a tower,” he explained. “Now, we can create reasonable provisions. For example, one reasonable thing that we did add to our code, is a fall zone. Basically if the tower fell over from its base, it would fall on the single property where it is located.”

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