Radio ham who revolutionized the video game industry

IGN Entertainment have published an article about the African-American radio amateur Jerry Lawson WA6LVN (SK) who revolutionized the video game industry.

His enthusiasm for amateur radio started when his parents bought him a ham radio receiver kit. “I built it and it worked,” he recalled. “I think the greatest joy I ever had in my life was when I put that thing together by myself with nobody helping me.” 

He passed his amateur radio exam at the age of 13.

In the 1970’s Jerry became a member of the famous Homebrew Computer Club—a gathering of computer enthusiasts that included Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak WA6BND, founders of Apple computers. In later interviews he recalled that he did not have a particularly good impression of the Steves, and even turned Steven Wozniak WA6BND down to instead take an engineering position at Fairchild.

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