Electronics Notes opens a Ham Radio store

The website, Electronics Notesprovides a huge amount of reference material for engineers, students and hobbyists. Within this there is a huge amount of material for radio amateurs on subjects like amateur radio itself as well as radio receiver technology, RF design, antennas, radio propagation and a whole lot more.

To complement this, Electronics Notes has opened a ham radio store.
In association with Amazon, this offers some really excellent bargains which do not appear with many other amateur radio stores.

It is surprising what you can find – there is a much bigger choice than you might think, and the prices are often really good as well.

Currently we are set up so that the links automatically link to the UK or USA, so you can enjoy local shopping within these countries. We are soon hoping to be available in Canada and possibly other countries as well.

Check out the link and browse though our ham radio store: https://www.electronics-notes.com/hamstore