HAM operators spent sleepless nights tracking Abhilash Tomy (India)

Bengaluru: A small group of Ham radio operators kept a round-the-clock vigil on Indian Navy sailor Cdr Abhilash Tomy when he was injured and his vessel ‘Thuriya’ was dismasted in hostile weather. With Cdr Tomy now on his way back home after being rescued, the HAM operators are thrilled.

For Pune-based Krish (name changed on request), Cdr Tomy is a friend and a fellow aviator. Irishman Gregor McGuckin, the fellow competitor of Cdr Tomy who too was rescued, is a Ham radio operator, claimed Krish.

Ham operators in India, Ireland, South Africa were locked on to Cdr Tomy and Gregor, post the mid-sea incident, Krish added, while also noting that to stay awake for four days at sea was just a normal exercise for sailors like Tomy.

“It was natural for us to keep track of friends who are on special missions. We are touched by what Gregor did, because he sailed to help Cdr Tomy, despite his bruises and bumps. The Ham operators supported him as much as we could so that he could reach Cdr Tomy and help him,” says Krish on their reaction when the Irish sailor decided to set out in search of the Indian sailor.

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