October 27, 2020

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Unlicensed Pinkerton security guard who shot and killed Navy vet was a ham radio operator…


The unlicensed security guard who shot and killed a Navy veteran at a Patriot Muster rally had several previous brushes with the law, filed for bankruptcy, abandoned his farm business and was an amateur radio operator, DailyMail.com can reveal. 

Matthew Dolloff had also attended occupy Denver protests and shared far-left opinions on social media, including ones that criticized President Donald Trump. 

The 30-year-old was arrested and charged with first degree murder for shooting dead Lee Keltner on Saturday outside Denver’s Civic Center, where pro-police Patriot Muster supporters faced off with Black Lives Matter and Antifa counter-protesters.

Local TV station 9News hired Dolloff to protect staff covering the dueling protests through the Pinkerton security firm, which said it had sub-contracted him from another agency it declined to name. It was confirmed Dolloff was not licensed to serve as a private security guard.

On Tuesday night, DailyMail.com spoke to Dolloff’s ex-girlfriend, who claimed he had no known affiliations with Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

But the Elizabeth, Colorado, resident had been involved in several brushes with the law, including spending seven nights behind bars for trespassing at a local convenience store in 2011.

He was also ticketed in 2007 for buying cigarettes while underage, although the case was later dismissed by the District Attorney’s office. 

In 2009, he was busted by cops for driving with a suspended driver’s license and in 2014 he was again ticketed for careless driving, driving under restraint and driving an unsafe vehicle.  

Dolloff’s latest career plan seemed to involve radio, as he obtained a Ham Radio Amateur radio license, with the call sign, KE0NKL in 2017. So far, there’s been no activity with that call sign.      

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