via the ARRL: Assigning Kosovo Z6 Call Signs “Unauthorized and Illegal,” ITU Secretary-General Says

Kosovo, which won its battle to become a DXCC entity earlier this year, appears to have another fight on its hands. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary-General Houlin Zhao has determined that the Z6 call sign prefix was never allocated to Kosovo. The Secretary-General issued his finding in the wake of a March 16 inquiry from Serbia, from which Kosovo declared independence 10 years ago, the last piece of the former Yugoslavia to do so. Serbia has continued to reject Kosovo’s secession.

“ITU has not allocated call sign series Z6 to any of its member states,” Houlin Zhou said. “Consequently, the utilization of call signs series Z6 by any entity without a formal allocation and consent of the ITU represents an unauthorized and illegal usage of this international numbering resource.”

Kosovo is not an ITU member state and is therefore not eligible to receive a call sign block allocation from the ITU.

Houlin Zhou also informed the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) that the ITU had not authorized use of the Z6 prefix, and he asked the IARU not to include Z6-prefix call signs on its website, where they have appeared since the 2015 admission of Shoqata e Radio Amatoreve te Kosoves (SHRAK) as an IARU member-society. An ITU sector member, the IARU complied with the request and advised SHRAK.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources