via the ARRL: A Fresh Voice for Broadcast Reporter Jamie Dupree, NS3T

A Washington, DC-based broadcast journalist and radio amateur, whose ability to speak was severely impaired a couple of years ago by a rare disorder, is adopting a technological solution to return his voice to the airwaves. ARRL member Jamie Dupree, NS3T, suffers from tongue protrusion dystonia, and he has limited speaking ability — he uses the barrel of a pen in his mouth to help better control his tongue. He had to drop off the broadcast airwaves and turn to print and online journalism to continue covering politics for Cox Media Group’s capitol bureau. But now, Dupree plans to leverage technology that will give him a fresh voice.

Dupree, 54, a contester and Potomac Valley Radio Club member, said in a blog post this week that his plight attracted the attention of his colleagues at Cox Media Group, who mounted an effort at the company’s Atlanta headquarters to find a high-tech solution to get him back on the broadcast airwaves.

“What they found was a Scottish company named CereProc, which agreed to sift through years of my archived audio and build a voice,” Dupree said. “The big news today is that it looks like that is going to work, and allow me to ‘talk’ on the radio again.” He’s calling it “Jamie Dupree 2.0.”

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources