via the ARRL: IARU Region 1 President Warns of Wireless Power Transfer Interference Threat

IARU Region 1 President Don Beattie, G3BJ, is expressing concern that Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles — also referred to as WPT(EV) — equipment could pose a threat to Amateur Radio spectrum. WPT(EV), which typically uses frequencies in the LF and MF range, allows the charging of electric vehicle batteries without having to “plug in” to a power source.

“WPT(EV) is high duty cycle, located in residential areas, and its harmonics are likely to be spread across a band of frequencies,” Beattie explained in a briefing, Wireless Power Transmission for Electric Vehicles – WPT(EV). Beattie fears that WPT(EV) could end up being installed at residences of electric vehicle owners, generating noise that could obscure radio communications in and around the home environment.

“Many non-radio devices are coming on stream, which emit high levels of wideband ‘radio noise’ which can mask essential communications,” the latest technology being WPT(EV), Beattie said in a post on his website, The Threats to Radiocommunication. “It is rather like a thick fog which prevents us seeing things at any distance. So, it is that the radio spectrum is being polluted in a way which, if unchecked, will radically reduce its usefulness.”

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources