Norway radio stations fined for using FM

The Radio NYTT site reports the Norwegian Media Authority has fined two local radio stations because they have continued broadcasting in FM

Kyrre Dahl writes:

Radio Metro and Radio Rox, has been issued a fine of almost 7000 euros by The Norwegian Media Authority. The reason is exceptional by European standard, the two local radio stations wanted to stay on air on FM, but was not allowed.

According to the Digital Switchover Plan, all national broadcasters had to switch of their FM transmitters in 2017. In the big cities this also applied to the commercial local radiostations, regardless if they wanted to stay on FM or not.

Almost all local radio stations was given an extension on their FM licence, 187 local stations in all. But the Parliament decided that larger mainly commercial radio stations in and around Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger was to be denied an extension on FM, out of fear they would steal listeners from the national broadcasters, which are now on DAB only.

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