via the ARRL: Mode Usage Evaluation: 2017 was “the Year When Digital Modes Changed Forever”

Club Log author and UK radio amateur Michael Wells, G7VJR, has reported that data compiled from 8,000 Club Log users indicates the proportion of FT-8 usage relative to other modes has risen dramatically since FT8’s introduction last year. Every few years, Wells has posted charts depicting mode usage on the amateur bands, based on log data uploaded to Club Log. Graphs he posted last week show the proportion of contacts on each mode for the last 20 years and then for the last 12 months.

“2017 was, of course, the year when digital modes changed forever with the advent of FT8,” said Wells. “It is a remarkable technical achievement, which has breathed life and enthusiasm into DXing for a whole new audience.”

Now out of beta testing, FT8 continues to capture the imagination of the Amateur Radio community, luring away many of those who had been using the popular JT65 “weak-signal” mode. FT8 is included WSJT-X, version 1.8.0-rc3, with several refinements from the original beta release. Among FT8’s biggest advantages is a shorter transmit-receive cycle, with contacts four times faster than with JT65 or JT9; an entire FT8 contact can take place in about a minute. Many DXpeditions now routinely include FT8 operation.

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