Worse than the ice storm? (Maine)

Regarding the severe windstorm which struck Maine on Oct. 30, I’ve seen numerous reports claiming that it was worse than the terrible ice storm of 1998. And indeed it was, but only in terms of the largest number of Mainers with no power at a given time. This topped out at a very large number, more than half a million people. Some folks were in the  dark for more than a week.

But to say the storm was worse than the ice storm is a bit of a stretch, when you take into consideration overall storm impact. The ice storm occurred in the dead of winter, and power outages lasted significantly longer than those with the storm we just had. In fact, in some cases power was out for weeks. Also, the sheer weight of the ice broke power poles, and even collapsed big transmission towers in Eastern Quebec, as though they were made out of popsicle sticks.

So yes, more power outages at the recent storm’s peak than the ice storm. But by no means a worse storm in the broader view of things.

That said, the storm we just had was still very significant.


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