via the RSGB: Confine contesting to band plans

The RSGB VHF Contest Committee would like to remind contesters to follow the relevant band plans.

The high level of activity in the 144MHz UK Activity Contests means that finding a frequency to operate on within the normally used frequency segment for SSB of 144.150 to 144.399MHz can be very difficult.

Entrants are reminded that the rules explicitly require adherence to the RSGB Band Plan.

Stations using SSB below 144.150MHz or between 144.400MHz and 144.500MHz during the 144MHz UKAC are liable to be penalised.

The VHFCC reserves the right to penalise both parties in a QSO made outside of the band plan.

However, the 144.500MHz to 144.794MHz segment of the 2m All Mode section can also be used during the UKAC.

The VHFCC recognises that this is not normally in use during SSB contests, but if people would like to try calling CQ in a quieter part of the band, why not try it, taking care to avoid the designated calling frequencies and centres of activity for other modes such as SSTV, ATV talk back, digital voice and data.

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