via the RSGB: An introduction to QOscar 100

Noel Matthews, G8GTZ, Dave Crump, G8GKQ and Phil Crump, M0DNY gave a presentation at AGM 2019 on Qatar Oscar 100, the geostationary amateur transponder on the Es’hail-2 commercial satellite.

QOscar 100 was launched in February 2019 and has seen stations making contacts across a third of the globe on the narrow band and wide band DATV transponders.

The presentation slides are now available to download (33-page/3.06MB PDF) and include a brief history of the project, an overview of equipment required to operate Oscar 100 and an introduction and demonstration of the web SDR and spectrum monitor—which allow you to listen to stations on the narrow band segment using only a standard web browser.

There’s also a recording of the presentation on the AGM 2019 proceedings pageunder Listen to AGM 2019—play the afternoon recording and the presentation starts 20 minutes and 41 seconds in.

via Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site