Fldigi is the perfect digital mode tool for all radio amateurs

Are you into creating Amateur Radio Digital Modes via your personal computer (PC)? Then you’re in the right place. We recently came across a tool known as Fldigi (Fast Light Digital Modem Application) and while we’re no expert, we still came away with a lot to say.

OK, so here’s the thing about Fldigi you need to know. It works in conjunction with HF SSB radio transceiver. Furthermore, it takes advantage of the PC sound card as its primary means of contribution from the radio. As for the software, it controls the radio from another connection, and from what we can tell, it appears to be a serial port.

We like the fact that Fldigi is a multi-mode program, which means, it can operate several popular digital modes without ever having to switch programs, and that’s great in more ways than just one. We also like the fact that the tool comes with support for popular modes such as DominoEXMFSK16PSK31, and RTTY.

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