Father & Son Hams Killed By Train In Iowa

It was a hobby that didn’t get old. 

On weekends, Dave and Ethan Mortensen (KD0LYA & KD0IOL according to QRZ.com respectively) of Cedar Rapids would seek out a spot near railroad tracks where they could watch trains pass.

“Ethan would watch trains, and my dad would read books,” older brother Jacob Mortsensen said. “He could watch trains for hours.”

Ethan, 32, had a developmental disorder, but was becoming increasingly independent, Jacob said. He moved out of his father’s house and was learning to drive. 

Authorities believe the father and son were watching trains and practicing driving April 14, when their SUV ended up on the tracks. It was struck by a train traveling around 60 mph. 

The crash killed them both. 

“It’s a very tragic accident,” Cedar Rapids police spokesman Greg Buelow said. 

Buelow said an investigation determined Ethan’s inexperience as a driver was likely a factor in the crash, but police may never know exactly what caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

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Updated: 2019-05-04 — 10:03 PM