Nellie Ohr: Ham radio not used for Russia contacts (Massachusetts)

A transcript made public on Thursday by a GOP lawmaker in Congress shows that the wife of a top Justice Department official said she got a ham radio license as part of an effort to help with local community emergencies, not as part of any effort to communicate with anyone overseas, or to monitor broadcasts from Russia associated with the Steele Dossier.

“Have you ever communicated with anyone in Russia using your Ham radio?” Ohr was asked by one GOP investigator in the October 19, 2018 interview.

“No,” Ohr replied, as she told lawmakers she had the lowest level ham radio license, which offers few frequencies to licensed amateur radio operators that would support contacts across the Atlantic Ocean.

Asked why a woman in her 50’s would get a ham radio license, Ohr said the reason for her interest in amateur radio was spurred by a desire to support local volunteer emergency communications.

“I took a citizens emergency – community emergency response team training,” Ohr said in a closed door interview conducted in October of 2018, saying it had been sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security ‘and the local fire department.’

“And so I took the Ham radio class,” Ohr testified. “I passed the test.”

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