Amateur Service Offers Many Pleasures

When I was growing up in the small California town located in the San Gabriel Valley known as Temple City, my father introduced me to ham radio, aka amateur radio. In the evenings, we would go outside and sit in his Rebel Rambler that was parked in the driveway, and my dad would fire up his 2-meter (144 MHz) mobile unit.

He would quite often talk to longtime family friend and colleague Rudy Eleff, who lived about eight miles away from our house. Rudy was quite a talker, as I recall, and one evening my dad allowed me to work as a guest operator and speak to Rudy. When I did, my dad keyed the microphone and I said to Rudy, “My dad said that you talk too much.”

That was the first and last time my, dad let me talk through his ham rig. I still to this day laugh when I recall that first introduction into ham radio!

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