Ham radio course cancelled due to lack of interest (Iceland)

Iceland’s amateur radio society, the IRA, reports only four people registered to take the Amateur Radio course and exam planned to run from February to May 

A post on their website says: 

On January 6th, ÍRA announced its intention to participate in an amateur exam in February-May 2019. The deadline was January 20, but later extended to January 31. Inquiries were received, but only four registered.

In light of this, it has been decided in consultation with the Examination Committee and the course coordinator to abstain from course holdings now, but instead aim at a course in October-December.

It can be considered that the [IRA] requests the Post and Telecom Administration to conduct an examination for an amateur license in May (without prior course).

Those interested are asked to send an e-mail to the company on “ira at ira.is” before February 15th. Such mail is not a commitment, but provides the company with important information about interest in the examination. 

Source IRA site