Tower decorated in holiday lights brightening Perry County for 31 years (Pennsylvania)

It’s a light you can see all around Hunters Valley in Perry County, but this season may be its last.

There’s a tower on a Buffalo Township mountain that’s been lighting up Perry County during the holiday season for more than 30 years.

“Everyone always asks, when’s it going to be on? It’s just fun,” said Larry Winemiller, who lives in Buffalo Township with his wife Carolyn. 

The Winemillers have been decorating towers with Christmas lights for more than 50 years. 

It all started in Hummelstown, and the tradition moved with the couple to Buffalo Township 31 years ago.

“I climb the tower, lower the rope down…pull the star up. Then, we pull each of the lights up,” said Winemiller. “My wife does all the ground work.”

Steel towers are no stranger to Larry Winemiller, a ham-radio-operator. 

This one is on the Winemiller’s property.

The husband and wife attach strings of lights to ropes, and up he goes 150 feet.

“I have power run to the top of the tower,” said Winemiller.

It’s a tradition that brings a smile to neighbors every year.

“You can see them from Route 34,” said Winemiller. “Almost from 11 and 15, probably about two miles back. Throughout Hunters Valley. From over on the east shore of the Susquehanna, over around Millersburg.”

Winemiller is 78-years-old, so this may be the last year the lights will illuminate the area. 

“I’m glad everyone enjoyed it,” said Winemiller. 

The lights will be up until early January.

Via ABC27: