PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Christmas Edition #1034

This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1034
Release Date: December 22, 2018

Here is a summary of the news trending this week. This weeks edition is anchored by Will Rogers, K5WLR, Don Hulick, K2ATJ, Fred Fitte, NF2F, George W2XBS, and Jessica Bowen, KC2VWX.

Produced and edited by W2XBS.

Running Time: 1:44:55

Download here: http://bit.ly/TWIAR1034

Trending stories in this weeks bulletin service:

  1. Countdown to Third Annual AM Rally Has Begun
  2. New Amateur Radio Packet Gear Awaits Unpacking, Installation on Space Station
  3. Registration is Open for QRP-ARCI Four Days in May 2019
  4. Registration Opens for 2019 ConTest University in Dayton
  5. Two killed in accident at Antarctic research station
  6. ARRL Petitions FCC to Incorporate Parity Act Provisions into its Amateur Radio Rules
  7. FCC Releases Plan in the Event of Current and Future Partial Government Shutdowns
  8. US Radio Amateurs Help to Make YOTA Month Happen in Ethiopia
  9. New Section Manager in Southern New Jersey, Eight Incumbents to Continue in Office
  10. ARRL’s Logbook of The World Tops 1 Billion QSO Records

Plus these Special Features This Week:

W2XOY Christmas Special “A Hams Night Before Christmas” Produced and enhanced by N2FNH/SK
Jean Shepherd, K2ORS/SK with a special “Christmas Story”
Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte, W6TWT
Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO
Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB
RAIN: What is “Real” Ham Radio? A dialog written and voiced by G7DDN

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