Long Island man who found bones in his basement opens up about grisly find: ‘This is almost a perfect crime’ (New York)

The Long Island man who dug up bones in the basement of his childhood home searching for his long-missing father now sits in his cluttered living room wondering if he has unraveled a darker mystery.

Michael Carroll, 57, believes the remains are those of his father George Carroll, a U.S. Army Korean War veteran who has been missing for decades. Over the years Carroll consulted psychics and ghost hunters to help with the search. He also hired a company with ground-penetrating radar that advised him on where to dig.

“This is almost a perfect crime, but I wasn’t supposed to find him,” he said in an interview with Fox News.

Carroll said the person who may have had something to do with his missing father is a man who his mother subsequently married, Richard Darress, but added: “I’m trying to avoid pointing a finger at this point.”

Darress died in June in Laredo, Texas, at the age of 77, a funeral home there told Fox News. Before he died he had been living in Mexico, across the border from Laredo.

“He would have been someone we would have wanted to speak with,” Lt. Kevin Beyrer, commander of the Suffolk Police homicide squad, told Newsday two weeks ago.

On Facebook, Darress identified himself as a long-distance trucker who was injured on the job in 2012 and could no longer work. Public records show he was a licensed ham radio operator, a licensed commercial pilot and a licensed gun owner in Florida. His last Facebook post was in 2012.

In Florida, he was married to a woman who obtained a temporary order of protection against him in 2000 before they divorced, according to court records in Martin County. The order forbid Darress from having any contact with the woman and to surrender any guns he had in his possession.

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