via the ARRL: SAQ Alexanderson Alternator Transmission to Celebrate UN Day

An Alexanderson alternator transmission from Sweden’s Grimeton Radio Station, SAQ, will be part of UN Day festivities on October 24 at the World Heritage Site in Grimeton, Sweden.

A “Peace Party” at the site will feature Irish folk music from the Swedish band Green Hill. The music style honors the first transatlantic telegraph cable between Ireland and Newfoundland, which opened for telegram traffic in August 1866. “We celebrate this great event in international relations by sending out a peace message to the world with the long-wave transmitter SAQ, and then a concert in the Irish folk spirit with the Varberg band Green Hill,” the announcement explained.

The SAQ CW transmission will be on 17.2 kHz and start at 16:30 UTC. A live video stream of the transmission will be available. SAQ will accept listener reports via email. No QSLs will be available.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources