SpaceX will launch this ‘Made In India’ private satellite in November

SpaceX will be launching a ‘Made In India’ private satellite in November which has been developed by the 28-year-old Gurudatta Panda and his team of eight members. While Gurudatta Panda hails from Odisha, he is part of an eight-man team of engineers who have built a satellite for a private company which deals in satellite design, manufacturing, and management.

28-year-old Gurudatta Panda said, “This satellite will serve the ham or the amateur radio community. As a result, it will be of great help during natural calamities, when conventional communication services get disrupted”.

The 10 cm cube-sized communication satellite will be on a polar orbit after the launch and will perform two passes over India every day. With this satellite, the public will be able to receive a beacon from this artificial satellite on 145.90 Mhz with the help of a TV tuner and USB dongles. It should also be noted that Exseed Space co-founder Ashhar Farhan and Gurudatta Panda were the communication engineers for this project.


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