Ham operators hear first-hand account of man’s flight around the world (Louisiana)

Brian Lloyd [WB6RQN] spent part of 2017 on a journey around the world in a single engine airplane as he retraced the route taken by aviator Amelia Earhart exactly 80 years earlier.

She did not make it. He did and recently shared his adventure with the Shreveport Amateur Radio Association.

“Because my focus was on each individual step. I land. I get ready for the next day. I fly the next day,” said Lloyd.

The adventure took 66 days. Lloyd stayed in contact by talking with ham radio operators along the route.

“So it really didn’t hit me until I finally landed back home … in San Antonio and got out of the airplane and it was like, like getting hit with a 2-by-4. Holy Moly, I did it. I made it all the way around the world following her route,” Lloyd said.

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