via the ARRL: IARU Region 1 Editorial Sounds Clarion Call on Danger VHF/UHF/Microwave Spectrum Grabs

The chair of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU R1) VHF-UHF-µW Committee, Jacques Verleijen, ON4AVJ, has highlighted extant threats to the Amateur Radio spectrum above 30 MHz. In an editorial that heads the latest edition of the IARU R1 VHF-UHF-µW Newsletter, issued on May 29, Verleijen invited all IARU member-societies to consider ways to “promote, defend, and use our frequencies.”

“They are wanted by others, both government and commercial users,” Verleijen wrote. “So, this is a wake-up call to be aware that if we are not using those bands, we will lose them.” If that happens, he continued, it won’t be the fault of IARU R1, but of the amateur community that “often [has] more commitment to HF” than to VHF and higher bands. Conceding that the HF bands “are the easiest to use,” Verleijen said member-societies should think outside the box to come up with ideas to improve VHF, UHF, and microwave activity.

Verleijen said the vast amount of Amateur Radio spectrum from 50 MHz through 5 GHz makes it an attractive target for commercial and governmental interests. He noted that 50 MHz is the focus of a key World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) agenda item —specifically, to harmonize the 6-meter allocation across all three ITU Regions.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources