‘I’m a nerd, I know what I’m doing’ (Minnesota)

A Rochester man could face fines if he doesn’t submit plans for a building permit and ask for a zoning variance for his amateur radio tower.

City officials say Dan Knutson hasn’t submitted plans for a building permit nor provided specifications for the about 58-foot tower holding multiple radio antennas on the roof of his home.

Knutson contends the tower is structurally sound. It’s secured with aircraft cables and guy wires to control its fall should it collapse — which Knutson said would only happen if wind speeds were more than 100 miles per hour.

“Everything’s better than it needs to be,” Knutson said. “I’m a nerd, I know what I’m doing.”

However, Knutson hasn’t submitted anything to the city to verify the claim, said Randy Johnson, director of building safety.

“We haven’t started our process in this department (regarding the tower) because he hasn’t submitted anything,” Johnson said.

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