Ham radio regulatory changes in Eire

Ham radio regulatory changes in Eire

ComReg’s massive allocation of low-band VHF spectrum to radio amateurs in Eire is most welcome and sets an example to other regulators but other aspects of the regulations raise questions.

The low-band VHF allocations are now:

  • 30.0-49.0 MHz 50 watts
  • 50.0-52.0 MHz 100 watts
  • 54.0-69.9 MHz 50 watts
  • 69.9-70.5 MHz 50 watts

The national amateur radio society, IRTS, are to be congratulated on achieving amateur access to so much spectrum.

The ComReg document as written appears to mean amateur satellite operation is not permitted in these ITU Amateur-Satellite Service allocations:

  • 435-438 MHz
  • 1260-1270 MHz
  • 5650-5670 MHz
  • 5830-5850 MHz

Oddly satellite operation is permitted in 430-432 MHz but there are no amateur satellites there!

Transmitting to amateur satellites operating in 2400-2450 MHz is only allowed with a Special Permit, it’s not included as standard in the licence. Even with the Permit amateurs will be restricted to a transmitter output of just 25 watts.

Read more – SARL: http://bit.ly/2FNFUSx

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