Collecting transistors is this Hyderabad techie-turned-ham’s hobby (India)

From wooden-framed valve broadcasting receivers of the 1950s to transistors of the 90s, this 43-year-old software engineer-turned-radio ham has more than 90 different radios in his possession.

In the dining room converted into a ham operator’s room of Sridhar Reddy Bheemreddy at Pragathinagar, stacked in order are reel tape recorders to radios and transistors with different bandwidths from various companies such as Murphy, BPL Sanio, Bush, GE, JVC, Kaide, Kreff+, National Panasonic, NELCO, Philips and so on.

“I am looking for transistors that were used during World War-I and II,” says Sridhar, who is employed with Oracle, as he unwraps the safely-packed filament in the valve of a radio set manufactured by Howard company in the 1940s. These valve radios which are things of past and now pride possessions, he says, used to receive static-free voice – whether it was news or music.

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