Ham City: Regina’s amateur radio operators look to the future (Saskatchewan)

From his basement in White City, Stan Ewert dreams of contacting North Korea.

“That’s the rarest contact you can ever make,” he said.

Using his 200-watt radio transceiver, Ewert has spoken with ham radio operators from 285 “countries” — a category that includes dependencies and isolated territories like Alaska. But he hasn’t reached North Korea, the holy grail of the hobby. It’s a place only a handful of hams have ever heard from.

Ewert is one of an estimated 200 amateur radio enthusiasts in the Regina area. They call themselves hams, a term with obscure origins. They relish the thrill of tinkering with old equipment, helping out in disasters or, like Ewert, socializing with fellow hobbyists in faraway lands.

Many are retired. Ewert has been a ham for about 70 years. It runs in the family.

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