First Tunisian individual ham radio licenses issued

Ashraf 3V8/KF5EYY reports on the IARU Region 1 site that Tunisia has started issuing individual amateur radio licenses

After issuing the ministerial decree allowing for Tunisians to acquire their individual licenses in September, and after arranging for the first amateur radio exam on December 20th 2017, ANF (the Tunisian Regulator) has delivered last Friday the first licenses of amateur radio.

That happened in ANF offices in Tunis with presence of ANF director and employees, representatives from the TIC ministry and some ARAT members.

It was a nice opportunity to thank ANF Director for his efforts leading this project to success and offer him and his employees “Contact Sport” Book on behalf of all ARAT members.

IARU Region 1

Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens –


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