Illegal Radio operator fined $50,000 (Trinidad & Tobago)

AN amateur radio operator who operated radio-transmitting equipment without a licence in 2007 has been slapped with a $50,000 fine by two appellate court judges.

Justices Alice Yorke-Soo Hon and Mark Mohammed on Thursday fined Desi Bonterre and ordered him to pay the sum in 90 days.

Otherwise he faces a jail term of five years.

In delivering the sentence, Mohammed said a reprimand and discharge, as sought by Bonterre, would send the wrong message to potential offenders. He said the prosecution of such offences was important for the regulation of the telecommunications sector.

A magistrate’s order in 2011 which led to Desi-Lee Bonterre being discharged of the two offences wasoverturned by the two judges last year. They substituted a guilty verdict and reserved their ruling on an appropriate sentence.

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