MB7TV SSTV repeater off air due to theft

It is with sadness that I have to report that MB7TV, the SSTV repeater run by the Martello Tower Group is currently off air.

We had reports last week that it had gone off and assumed it was due to a computer failure as we’d had some previous issues.

MB7TV is located in a secure (or so we thought), locked box at a very high level, requiring a two section ladder to reach it.

We prepared a replacement PC and our Chairman visited the site yesterday to get it back on air.

Someone has hoisted a ladder up, ripped the box apart, cut all the cables and stolen the aerial, 20ft support pole, coax, radio, PSU, filter (the repeater was in an industrial area where there was a lot of close by noise), heater, wi-fi link and interface. All that’s left is the broken box and the brackets the pole was mounted on.

Read more – SARL: http://bit.ly/2nEG9sT

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