UI sophomore reaching for the stars—and getting there (Iowa)

Hannah Gulick grew up wanting to be a writer. Then, while taking a project-based class during her sophomore year of high school in Spirit Lake, Iowa, she discovered astronomy.

“I was put in the gym with a star dome and told to learn the constellations and about nebulas and asteroids,” the University of Iowa sophomore says. “Then I took a college astronomy course through Iowa Lakes Community College and thought I could definitely see myself doing this and being able to benefit the field.”

The University of Iowa sophomore has wasted no time in making her mark not only on the UI campus, but on our galaxy and beyond. Before the end of her second year at the UI, two satellites on which she has worked will have been launched into space. In addition to those and other research projects, she also traveled to Norway in January 2018 to attend a five-day intensive “rocket school,” in which she and another undergraduate student learned how to design and build an instrument and successfully operate the instrument on a rocket after it has been launched.


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