via the ARRL: China Students’ “Zhou Enlai” CubeSat Launches with Ham Radio Payload On Board

Launched on January 19, China’s “Zhou Enlai” CubeSat is that country’s first to involve primary and middle school students. Named in honor of the first Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Zhou Enlai, the CubeSat was developed in Huai’an Youth Comprehensive Development Base in Jiangsu Province. Zhou Enlai was born in Huai’an. The 2-kg, 2U CubeSat carries an Amateur Radio FM transponder and has SSTV capability, in addition to a high-definition optical camera. An SSTV beacon will post date, time, temperature, and location information on an SSTV frame. The launch was the 100th orbital launch attempt from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

“A scientific satellite like this is like a teacher in space, carrying cameras or spectroscopes to study the upper atmosphere or to shoot space pictures of the stars. Students can grasp the mystery of the universe through the messages transmitted by the teacher,” said Zhang Xiang, chief designer of the satellite and a professor with Nanjing University of Science and Engineering.

The Amateur Radio transponder has a downlink at 436.950 MHz, and an uplink at 145.930 MHz. Telemetry will be 9.6 k BPSK on 437.350 MHz.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources