via the ARRL: Radio Amateur Receives Patent for “Cloaking” Technology

Nathan “Chip” Cohen, W1YW, of Belmont, Massachusetts — the founder of Fractal Antenna Systems Inc and inventor of the fractal antenna — has been granted a patent for deflective electromagnetic shielding — essentially “cloaking” technology to defend against detection by radar and similar technologies.

“Ham radio experimentation can lead to some pretty cool innovations!” Cohen said in response to a recent QRZ forum post about the patent. “Let’s keep that spirit alive in 2018.”

The patent covers electromagnetic cloaking/deflection of, among other things, satellites, rockets, towers, antennas, vehicles, body coverings, ships, spacecraft, and even people.

“Much time and effort has been devoted to the quest for so-called invisibility machines,” the patent’s background information states. “Beyond science fiction, however, there has been little, if any, real progress toward this goal.”


via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources