Ham radio bounces back in new role to track criminals’ location (India)

Pune: A ham radio club that will help the Pune police spot the location of criminals has been established by Muktangan Science Exploratory Centre on Saturday.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (wireless) Abdur Rahman, who inaugurated the club, said the wireless department is taking help from the ham radio clubs in Pune to resolve communication problems and now a mobile locator will help zero in on criminals.

“Maharashtra Police wireless department is in the process of creating an innovation hub in Pune for resolving communication problems. We are working on a mobile locator to find out criminals and it will help to boost law and order. We will take the help of Pune ham clubs,” Rahman said.

Pune hams celebrated the birth anniversary of Sir JC Bose, the father of radio, on Saturday at Muktangan Science Exploratory’s Innovation centre.

Read more – Times of India: http://bit.ly/2BvAhH5

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    Updated: 2017-12-03 — 5:19 PM
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