Pueblo man granted dying wish to go to National Weather Service (Colorado)

85-year-old Ted Lungwitz didn’t have far to go Wednesday to be transported back to the good old days.

As part of a the Sentimental Journey program, hospice patients are granted round trip transportation to a special place of their choosing.

Lungwitz dying wish was to return to the National Weather Service where he worked as a longtime meteorologist.

“If you love what you’re doing, you never leave that job,” said his son-in-law, Danny Willden.

“I think Ted is probably a local legend in the weather community and the amateur radio community as well,” said NWS meteorologist tom Magnuson, who spent the afternoon reminiscing with Lungwitz about his days at the weather station.

It was always more than just a job to to him–it was home.

“I grew up here,” Lungwitz told News5.

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