Ham radio devotees unite (Indiana)

It was dad’s hobby … and his orders.

In his mind, a driver’s license and an amateur radio license were almost a package deal. This was 30 or 40 years ago, well before every teen carried a cellphone.

“We all had radios in our cars, and we talked back and forth for safety,” Williams said. “Being in Oklahoma, there were always ice storms, and we were always in the ditch.”

Safety is just one of the reasons ham radio operators fall in love with the hobby. Some get a thrill from talking to people halfway around the world. Others like the technical challenges.

The 45th annual Hamfest & Computer Expo this weekend in Memorial Coliseum’s Expo I and II appeals to each of those aspects and more. More than 125 vendors have booths, selling every sort of wire, plug, switch and adapter imaginable.

About 2,000 visitors have attended each of the past several years, according to James Boyer, Hamfest’s chairman.


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