DARPA Software Defined Radio (SDR) Hackfest Selects Teams To Explore Cyber-Physical Intersection Of SDR And Drone Technology

The increased use of wireless and internet-enabled devices – from computers to home appliances – and the data they generate are creating opportunities and challenges for the defense and commercial sectors. To help explore and better understand the complex relationship created by the intersection of physical and cyber technology within the ever more congested electromagnetic spectrum, DARPA program manager Tom Rondeau embarked on a year-long effort to build an engaged community of engineers and scientists operating within relevant technical areas. The results of these efforts will culminate in November during the weeklong DARPA Bay Area Software Defined Radio (SDR) Hackfest at NASA Ames Conference Center in Moffett Field, California. Teams from across the country will come together to explore the cyber-physical interplay of SDR and unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, during the Hackfest.

Eight teams from academia, industry, and the SDR enthusiast community have been selected to participate in the Hackfest. Featuring a broad range of backgrounds and technical expertise – from ham radio to 3D printing – each team will be challenged to exercise its SDR hacking skills with the goal of controlling a UAV through a specific set of operations. The challenges, known as the Hackfest Missions, will conclude with a final flight test on November 17, in which each team will have an opportunity to showcase a week’s worth of development and collaboration in front of a panel of judges.


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