Imminent shutdown of seven repeaters (UK)

South Yorkshire Repeater Group (SYRG) have taken the unprecedented decision to close down our whole repeater network.

Due to a number of factors, we cannot continue to provide the service we have for a number of years.

This move has not been taken lightly and appreciate this loss will impact on a lot of amateurs.

It could be that other individuals or groups, may be able to offer the financing and time required, to run one or all of these repeaters.

  • GB3HF – 50MHz – ANALOGUE VOICE repeater
  • GB3NA – 2M – Multi-mode DIGITAL VOICE repeater – Fusion
  • GB3SY – 70CM – ANALOGUE VOICE repeater
  • GB7YD-A – 23CM – DIGITAL DATA Repeater – D-Star
  • GB7YD-A – 23CM – DIGITAL VOICE repeater – D-Star
  • GB7YD-B – 70CM – DIGITAL VOICE Repeater – D-Star
  • GB7YD-C – 2M – DIGITAL VOICE Repeater – D-Star

If you have even a slight interest in being responsible for any or all of these repeaters, please get in touch with us:

South Yorkshire Repeater Group Committee