Las Vegas Killer Stephen Paddock’s Father Led Double Life as FBI Most-Wanted Bank Robber

Fifty-seven years before Stephen Paddock arrived in Las Vegas with 18 firearms that included at least one fully automatic weapon, his father drove into town with a little snub-nosed revolver tucked into the front seat of his car.

The revolver was apparently the same one that Benjamin Hoskins Paddock had displayed to a teller at the Valley National Bank in Phoenix as he presented her with a shopping bag and ordered her to fill it full of cash.

The father had then made his getaway in a car that had been stolen two miles away a few minutes before. A bank employee dashed out behind him and followed in a commandeered car.

After a few blocks, the employee saw the robber switch the stolen vehicles for a car that had several large antennas on the back. A check of people with amateur radio licenses showed only one person who owned a car of that description: it was Benjamin Paddock of Tucson.

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