To reach hurricane victims, Copiague man goes ham (New York)

Bob Myers says he’s been operating amateur radios since he was a teen.

“My call letters are K-2-T-V,” he says. That’s “kilo, 2, tango, victor,” when he’s communicating over the airwaves.

Short-wave radios are capable of communicating with Puerto Rico, where the storm knocked out the entire power grid, Myers says.

Earlier Thursday, he says he had a conversation with a man there who had his own ham radio, an emergency generator and a temporary antenna.

“He said to me it was almost as if an atom bomb had gone off,” Myers says. “Telephone poles are done, no electricity, no cellphones…They’ve been using water from a cistern.”

The conversation ended when the man in Puerto Rico shut down his generator to conserve fuel, Myers says.



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