Radio Stations in Puerto Rico Struggling

It’s hard to determine exactly how many radio broadcast signals still exist on Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. We do know Puerto Rico’s electrical grid is shredded and will take months to rebuild so any radio stations on the air right now are probably operating on a backup power source. Communication to the island is so limited that not a single radio station there has been able to report its status via the FCC’s Disaster Information Reporting Service. The website “radio-locator” lists 143 radio stations as being licensed to Puerto Rico.

A post Thursday on the Christian Radio Tech engineering LISTSERV provides a glimpse of possibly how bad things are on the U.S. territory right now. Terry Cowan, founder of New Life Radio, which operates KNLR(FM) in Bend, Ore., posted his account of what is happening with a trio of AM radio stations in Puerto Rico licensed by Calvary Evangelistic Mission Inc.: WBMJ(AM) in San Juan, WIVV(AM) on Vieques Island and WCGB(AM) in Juana Diaz.


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