Tunisia legalises individual licences

Amateur radio had been regarded with some suspicion by the previous Tunisian regime, which only granted permission to a few organisations to open club stations. Individual licences were not generally available. Several attempts to create an amateur radio association failed.

After the Jasmin Revolution in 2011, Tunisian youth created their own association named ARAT. The government recognized it as an official association under Tunisian law. Later on, other radio associations have been created. Following a meeting at the 2014 IARU-R1 Conference, ARAT was accepted as an IARU Member society for Tunisia.

The biggest challenge for ARAT has been to convince the Tunisian administration to issue amateur radio licenses for individuals, as happens in other countries of the world. Although the activity within the clubs was fruitful, a number of people wanted to have stations at home.
Since its creation in 2011, ARAT has established good relationships with the National Agency of Frequencies (ANF) and the Ministry of Telecommunications. Several meetings have been held to explain the benefits of this hobby.

via IARU R1 – http://bit.ly/2h9Xs12

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