Goodman parlays electronics skills into career (Arkansas)

Honing a childhood interest in learning and electronics, Robert L. “Bob” Goodman used his technical talents in both war and peacetime.

Electronics enthusiasts and ham radio operators may have run across several books written by Goodman, 84. He has written more than five dozen technical books.

Many may not know the Iowa native, one of the nation’s most popular electronics writers, now calls Hot Springs Village home.

Growing up on a farm near Oskaloosa, Iowa, Goodman knew he wanted to do something else other than farm. “Farming was hard work. I did know I didn’t want to be a farmer,” he recalls.

The 1940s and early ’50s were booming years for radio, gripping the boy’s interest. Youngest of 10 children, the family had few books, but the teacher in his one-room rural school helped the avid reader find reading material.

Later he would run into town and sit on the drugstore floor, reading electronics magazines.


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