via the ARRL: VoIP Hurricane Net to Activate

The VoIP Hurricane Net will activate at 2300 UTC Friday, September 8, until Saturday, September 9, at 0600 UTC to track the impact of Hurricane Irma, expected to affect Cuba and the Bahamas, and of Hurricane Katia, expected to reach southeastern Mexico.

A VoIP Hurricane Net activation for Hurricane Irma will restart on Saturday, September 9, at 0600 UTC, to address the storm’s impact as it departs Cuba and heads for Florida, as well as any impact from Hurricane Jose to the northern Leeward Islands. This activation will likely continue through Monday, September 11.

Although downgraded to a Category 4 storm, Hurricane Irma is expected to remain a major storm for the next several days as it moves across the warm waters between the Bahamas and Cuba and then into Florida and, potentially, Georgia and South Carolina. Hurricane Katia is expected to make landfall in southeastern Mexico this evening (September 8) and will be covered by the net as well as any impacts by Hurricane Jose to the Northern Leeward Islands on Saturday.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources