High frequency: Waves connect Washington Island ham radio collector with world

George Ulm is a talker. Once he gets started on his favorite subject, he could go on forever.

That’s not surprising, since his favorite subject is all about communicating daily with people all around the world. Ulm, 86, has been a licensed amateur radio operator for nearly 80 years and claims he has the world’s largest collection of transmitters, receivers, transceivers and amplifiers in the world. It is all housed in a couple of buildings on the far north shore of Washington Island off the tip of Wisconsin’s Door County Peninsula.

Ulm, who was born in 1930 in the Free City of Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland), remembers being exposed to amateur radio, or “ham” radio, at 3 or 4 years old in his parents’ home.


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    Updated: 2017-08-13 — 8:55 PM
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