New book of short stories highlights ‘Magic of Ham Radio’

A new book by writer Don Keith N4KC employs short fictional stories to demonstrate what the author calls the ‘magic’ still inherent in the century-old hobby of Amateur (or ‘Ham’) Radio

“Some claim that our hobby is old-fashioned when compared to cell phones and social media,” Keith says. “That is not true. Amateur Radio is in the midst of a resurgence and offers more excitement than ever to anyone interested in technology, communications, competition, public service, experimentation or just plain having fun.”

Keith says he has written these stories to more powerfully demonstrate various aspects of the hobby, any of which might attract attention from newcomers if they were aware of how dynamic and diverse Ham Radio is today. He even went to great lengths in the book’s title to emphasize the fun aspects. The book is officially titled “DIAL DANCING: Tales of the fascinating, fabulous, frequency-hopping, wavelength-walking, power punching, ionosphere-scorching, ditting and dahing, digital dancing and glorious globe-spanning wide and wonderful world of amateur radio.”


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