Homelessness Not a Bar to Enjoying Amateur Radio, Hawaii Ham Demonstrates

Not having a permanent roof over his head has not hindered Alex Stengel, KH7CX, of Honolulu from enjoying Amateur Radio and indulging his passion for SSB QRP DXing, which he calls “very rewarding.” As ARRL Pacific Section PIO Stacy Holbrook, KH6OWL, explained, Stengel sleeps on a bench, gets his mail and showers at a local church, and stows his personal items in a storage facility. Stengel shies away from attention to his “non-housing conditions,” as he calls it, and would rather talk about his ham radio accomplishments.

“All my HF antennas and parts like baluns and ununs are made by me, and the antennas are very efficient — SWR around 1.06,” Stengel told ARRL. He uses type N connectors and RG-8X as feed line, which he described as “a compromise in portability and weight,” since the voltage balun and unun already make his temporary antenna system heavy enough when it’s hauled aloft into some coconut palms.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources – http://bit.ly/2uGObVT

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