Ham’s Project Amelia Earhart Flight Nears End

The Amelia Earhart commemorative round-the-world flight by pilot Brian Lloyd, WB6RQN, has begun heading over the Pacific Ocean, landing first on July 23 at Pago Pago in American Samoa, and then in Hawaii via a symbolic flyover of Howland Island. Lloyd has contacted hundreds of other radio amateurs from Spirit, his Mooney M20K 231, with expanded fuel capacity and modern avionics gear. Lloyd’s “Project Amelia Earhart” — funded by The Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum and other donations — is retracing the route taken by the famous aviator in June 1937.

Lloyd predicted that the next stage, over the Pacific to the Continental US, would be the most difficult leg of the trip and would “push both the plane and me to the limit of our abilities.” He explained that the single-engine propeller-driven Spirit was fully fueled to include 3 hours reserve flying time, since “there are scant alternatives should problems mount up for any reason.”

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources http://bit.ly/2tRnTSk